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With an industry like real estate, where people are making some of the biggest personal and financial decisions of their life, establishing a strong client-agent relationship is the key to success.

In the spring of 2021, Judy began the adventure of not only selling a home, but buying one as well! Taking on both these tasks during a pandemic might seem daunting, but Judy knew she was in good hands when she met REALTOR® Angela Gervasio.

Judy, who had originally lived out in the country, was looking to relocate to the city for ease of living and amenity accessibility.

Having an agent who gets to know your needs and wants is a fundamental part of the experience, and is even more important during a pandemic. For Judy, Angela's sincere efforts made all of the difference.

"Angela was awesome!" Judy expressed. "She was attentive and personable and her responses were so quick! We would text her with any questions and concerns, and she was so prompt in getting back to us."

Everyone has had to make adjustments over the past year, and the real estate industry is no different!

One of the biggest changes in the buying and selling process that Judy noticed was the absence of open houses. While open houses in the past have made great use of time by allowing sellers to showcase their home to multiple buyers at once, with the pandemic requiring strict social distancing, open houses simply aren't an option at the moment.

"You know what? I preferred it!" Judy answered, when asked how the absence of open houses impacted her buying process. "Before the pandemic, open houses would be so crowded with people. This time it was so much more personable because it was always a private showing. The REALTOR® gets to spend time with each buyer and really give them their undivided attention. We were so happy to have that time with Angela. It was so much better to buy this way."

The confidence, comfort, and security that developed within their client-agent relationship made a lasting impact and helped ease the natural worries and stressors that can arise when simultaneously selling a house and searching for a dream home.

"Angela was wonderful! I would not hesitate to work with her again!" Judy exclaimed.

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