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We're sure you've heard the common belief that spring and summer are the best times to list your home, but what about the other seasons? With the fall season upon us, we wanted to speak to someone with experience listing outside of the usual spring and summer seasons. The Kesh Group REALTOR® Kara Speth, who is planning on listing a property this fall, was the perfect person for the job!

"One advantage is that people are indoors more and start to feel like they need a change of space, be it smaller or bigger. Often people want to get their new home before Christmas," Kara explained.

There are many advantages to listing your home in the fall. For many people, the busy and adventurous summer life has started to wind down and they have settled into a routine. "This change in routine means people have more time to prepare for the listing such as de-cluttering their house or touching up their gardens," Kara mentioned. "People are also home more. The cold weather is coming and the nesting period begins. People will have more time to view and visit your listing."

Another advantage of listing in the fall is that it is a great time to showcase your gardens! From the beautiful fall colours that make your house pop to your flowers and grass showing brighter, your property is sure to stand out.

According to Kara, it's always important to consider how your home will photograph. "Gardens look amazing this time of year and your grass has truly never looked greener which adds great curb appeal. This makes the pictures of your property truly wonderful," she emphasized.

Just as it's important to consider how people's daily lives change with the changing of the seasons, another significant change that has happened over the past year is how many people are working from home as more companies shift to remote work due to the ongoing pandemic. Many people who live in the Greater Toronto Area, for example, may only live there due to work. With the rental and housing prices in Toronto being what they are, if people have the option to live somewhere cheaper and still keep their job, they are going to jump on it!

"Many people may leave Toronto and the GTA as they realize they can now move out of the city, leave their small condo and get a house out in the west or east end. This could truly change the market," Kara declared.

At the end of the day, it is good to remember that there is not a bad time to list. However, each season has its own advantages that can highlight different features of your home and it's important to consider how your home is going to stand out among the rest.

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