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As a lifelong Niagara Region resident, Shannon possesses an intricate understanding of what makes the area such a desirable place to live, work, and explore. Shannon expertly employs her lived experience of the region to help her clients see both the tangible and intangible benefits no matter where they are located. 


Shannon’s passion for real estate began when she purchased her first home at the age of 20. Entering the real estate market at such a young age left a lasting impression that made her appreciate the pride of homeownership, a feeling she is committed to sharing with her clients. 


One of Shannon’s best qualities is her honesty. She believes that transparency is vital when communicating with her clients, whether it’s about the real estate market or the home buying or selling process. Moreover, Shannon’s extensive background as a Financial Advisor equips her with the knowledge to ensure her clients’ assets are in the right hands. With a commitment to client care and comfortability, Shannon handles all of her transactions with the utmost integrity.  


Always leading with a bright smile, an irresistible exuberance, and a go-getter attitude, Shannon’s ability to make her clients feel safe, supported, and informed is second to none. 

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