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There's a lot of talk in real estate about finding your "dream home," but what exactly is that?

The truth is that it's different for everyone. When it comes to buying a home, no two people have the exact same wish list as one another. But it's also true that for even one person, their idea of a "dream home" is not static and often changes over time.

This was the case for Kelly and her husband Steve, who bought what they thought at the time was their absolute ideal dream home, but after 5 years of living there, realized their wish list had dramatically changed.

"I moved from Burlington to the Niagara Region because it's beautiful here," Kelly explained. "We bought the house of our dreams but here we are five years later and the love is gone."

Many people find themselves faced with this thought and it can sometimes cause emotional stress, because here they are with a house that should check everything off their list, but unfortunately, they just aren't feeling it anymore.

It's important to remember that life changes and you as a homeowner change as well. It's only natural that over time, the needs and wants for your home will change too. There's nothing wrong with saying farewell to that previous dream home and looking forward to finding one that suits you where you are in life now.

"The house we bought was beautiful. It was right on the lake and had huge windows letting in lots of natural light. At first we absolutely loved it" Kelly reflected.

But over time, the things they loved became the little things that annoyed them. They found the lake, although beautiful, meant lots of bugs at night, and the windows, while great for light, also meant the loss of privacy, as the neighbours could see in.

"At one point in our lives that house was perfect for us, but now we are retired. We want to downsize to a nice, low maintenance, new build with an easy lifestyle. Our Kesh Group agent was amazing at helping us sell the house we had outgrown and find a place that suited our current lifestyle."

At the end of the day, it's so important to realize that as you grow and change as a person, your wish list and home dreams can evolve with you.

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