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If you've ever considered bringing a pet into your home, you've probably done some research on what kind of pet, what breed, and where it would come from, right? But it's important to remember that there is so much more that goes into this kind of life change than just how cute the pet is!

For Joan and Marcus, adopting their bonded pair of rescue dogs was not only exciting, but also a brand new experience! "Neither of us had any pets growing up," Marcus explained, "but we had lots of family and friends who did and always knew we wanted to have a couple of dogs once we had a house with a yard."

As new pet parents, the couple researched to ensure their home was ready for its new inhabitants and along the way learned just how important pet-proofing is! They wanted to make sure they had a pet-friendly home.

"We made sure the backyard was fenced and ensured there was nowhere they could dig under," Joan elaborated. "We also researched the plants in our garden to make sure none of them were bad for dogs if ingested."

For Marcus, it was important to also be aware of entryways. "While a pet is settling in, they may be either very fearful or swing towards aggressive when people come in the door, so having some sort of gate or barrier between your pet and the person walking in the door can help them feel comfortable."

As their pets were rescues and they didn't know everything about their background, the couple took some extra precautions. "We installed a gate on the front porch so that if they ran out the door, they can't go far," Joan said.

Once they had everything they needed to make their new furry family members safe, it was time to get them settled in! Joan explained that they "put a food and toy area in the kitchen and added a crate with comfy bedding in the bedroom next to the bed" so they had safe spots to eat, play, and rest.

What advice do these new pet parents have for those considering adding to their family? "Lots of treats and positive reinforcement!" they laughed. "And helping them explore the new area until they feel comfortable."

Now that their bonded pair has settled in, Joan and Marcus have been relishing in their own bonding moments with them! The couple couldn't help but gush that "coming home every day to their wagging tails and happy little faces takes a house and instantly turns it into a home!"

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