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For the average person, buying and renovating a house from top to bottom seems like a massive undertaking, but for Sharvin and Natalie, they looked at the challenge as an opportunity. Although today Natalie is a top real estate agent in the Niagara Region and Sharvin a successful developer, property flipping was something the pair primarily taught themselves.

"When we bought our first home together, we had basically no renovation experience," Sharvin explained, "and that property needed a lot of work."

The couple worked together to completely transform their first home, ripping it down to the studs and then building it back up to make it into the home they always imagined.

"One of my first jobs was the floor in that house," Sharvin reminisced. "I remember sitting in the middle of the room at three in the morning reading a Tiling For Dummies book, trying to figure out what I was doing."

Renovating as a beginner takes time and patience and is by no means an easy task, but with practice and dedication, you can become an expert in the field, as these two have proven. In the end, this at-the-time-novice duo did a renovation that even professional contractors would have been proud of and after four long months of hard work and learning, they found themselves with an incredible home they could finally move into.

As time went on and their family grew, Sharvin and Natalie also took on the challenge of converting their garage into a sunken family room, to add extra living space, as well as renovating the backyard and pool, so their son could enjoy outdoor fun in the summer.

This labour of love was home to their family for a number of years, but recently the couple purchased a new property and with some bitter-sweetness, said farewell to their first reno project. While their first house holds many dear memories, these go-getters are already excited for the chance to put their stamp on the new place.

"For me, renovating your home to suit you and your family is so important," Sharvin emphasized, "because you have to create an environment where you can completely relax and recharge, so that you're able to leave the house each day ready to take on the world."


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