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When Tony's mortgage was coming due for renewal, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to move out of the big city and start thinking about retirement.

"I lived in Scarborough for many years," Tony explained, "but now I only have about seven more years of working, so it's time to start thinking about what I want to do and where I want to be for my retirement."

Tony decided to sell his city home and look towards the Niagara Region for the future.

"I was looking for about a year, just familiarizing myself with the area and figuring out where would be the best place to settle down."

And Tony wasn't just looking for a retirement home for himself, he was also looking for a place that would make his sister happy.

"Teresa took ill and can't work anymore, so now we live together. So when I was house hunting I had to find a place she would love as well. It was really important to her to have a great kitchen."

But that wasn't the only thing on the wish list. Tony and Teresa were looking to be close to amenities, nearby to the border for easy access to the States, and also looking for a place that was low maintenance.

"I'm handy, I can fix pretty much anything, but I just want to relax now. I wanted to find a house that was up to date, easy, and all done for me."

On top of the wish list, there was also a time crunch for the siblings to find their new place. "I didn't want to buy until I had already sold my other place, but that made it a little stressful because with the short closing, we didn't have long to find something else."

But with the help of our team of REALTORS®, they found the perfect place within the short deadline.

"The Kesh Group was amazing! They met all our demands and put up with our nonsense," Tony chuckled. "They did a great job finding us a place that ticked all the boxes while working under such a tight deadline."

While Tony confessed there were a few sleepless nights while waiting for news about offers he had submitted, now that it's all been finalized he is beyond excited.

"I'm looking forward to enjoying a nice quiet retirement in the Niagara Region."


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