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The Kesh Group Niagara REALTOR - Staging the Dream Home - Free Home Staging - Selling & Seller Services

Getting your home ready to hit the market can be an overwhelming and stressful time. At The Kesh Group, we want to do what we can to reduce your stress throughout the process and that includes offering free home staging!

Staging can make a world of a difference in how prospective buyers see a home. Unfortunately, professional staging costs a pretty penny that only adds to a seller’s stress. REALTOR® Natalie Keshavarznia, our founder and team lead, truly believes in the power of staging. “Staging is an important step in setting up a client’s home to feel perfect for potential buyers and for the seller to have a successful sale,” she explained. “I thought it could be something huge to provide for our clients as a free service.”

Once Natalie has a client who is ready to sell their home, she explains the staging process from beginning to end to them. Sandra and Peter, Natalie’s clients who recently sold their St. Catharines home, admitted that they were apprehensive and anxious but “Natalie was very thorough and patient in explaining how the process would work,” they acknowledged. “Natalie’s calm, receptive, and professional demeanor assured us that we were in good hands.”

Before staging, Natalie asks a few things of her clients so she is set up to do the best job possible. “She did a preliminary walk-through, first recommending lots of decluttering, and then looked at which pieces of furniture would be good to keep and which ones would have to go,” Sandra explained. “She also prioritized the ‘must-dos’ - things that should be completed, and which things were more optional to complete to get the home ready to list.”

After Natalie and The Kesh Group worked their magic, Sandra and Peter returned home to see the transformation. “I was astounded!” Sandra exclaimed. “It was so beautiful; light, airy, and stylish.” Peter’s reaction? “I thought I was in the wrong house!” he laughed. “It made us fall in love with our house again.”

Sandra and Peter were so impressed that they invited their neighbour over right away. “She was amazed at the transformation,” Sandra said. The initial reaction from their friends and family was, “Why are you moving? It’s so lovely!”

Those reactions are one of Natalie’s favourite parts of the staging process. “I love when the client is surprised at what their home could look like, and that we’ve helped make it look the best it could to present on the market.”

For Sandra and Peter, the living area and dining room changed the most. “She made me feel like I was in a unique boutique hotel!” Sandra expressed. Natalie’s goal when staging is “to have each space feeling like you want to sit there all day,” so she uses pieces that add an element of comfortability and “set the tone for the buyer that this could be their new home.”

“It definitely adds to the desirability and appeal of the home,” Peter agreed. “And it is done with a fresh set of eyes. After living in a house for a while, you become accustomed to your own stuff and clutter so you do not notice it. Staging gives you a reset and a chance to enhance your home with a fresh look.”

They were so impressed and appreciative of Natalie’s hard work that they also recommended her to their neighbour! Natalie went in, staged the home, and “a few weeks later, her house sold in a day!” Sandra laughed.

So, even after going through all of the decluttering and preliminary steps to get their home ready to stage, would Sandra and Peter do it again? “Yes! In a heartbeat,” they said. “Natalie has the flair, skill, and inventory to make your home look fabulous. This is such a value-added service that it is a no-brainer! Like making it ‘red carpet’ ready; and it is INCLUDED with your listing service. Wow!”

Natalie and The Kesh Group are equipped with the right resources, dedicated time, and client-first attitude to make sure your home stands out from the rest!

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