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How a home looks when it is viewed from the street, also known as its "curb appeal", is important to consider when putting it on the market. We reached out to our team of REALTORS®, as well as Chris and Laura from the Niagara Region's own Garden of Seeden (@gardenofseeden on Instagram) for professional opinions on the value curb appeal can add to your property.

"Curb appeal is creating an atmosphere that complements a home," Chris and Laura explained. "It's the finishing touches to a property that make a home complete. It's a very important part in getting your home ready to sell because it's the first impression to a buyer."

As REALTORS®, our team has shown many houses and couldn't agree more! They clarified that when you list your home for sale, it "needs a wow factor and it needs to start the minute a potential buyer pulls up to the property. That first impression can set the tone for how that person views the rest of the home." Curb appeal is also an indication of "how much care and effort you have put into maintaining your home all-year round," they emphasized. "You can generate interest from those that drive by the property, and it could help you get more than your asking price!"

Significantly, when the pandemic hit people were spending more time at home than ever, and that was reflected in the kinds of services they started looking into for the exterior of their homes. "We definitely noticed a difference during the pandemic," Chris acknowledged. "Homeowners wanted to create private spaces that they could relax in and enjoy during lockdowns. Not being able to travel, they wanted to make their homes a getaway."

As we've started to transition back to a bit of normalcy, we've also returned to the hustle and bustle of today's busy society, so while homeowners still want that spot that can be their place of rest and relaxation, "a lot of people also want a move-in ready home and may pay a little extra for one that offers a complete package from the inside out," our team explained.

But don't let curb appeal stress you or your budget! Little details can go a long way in giving a good first impression. "Even a planter outside of the door or a splash of colour, whether that's paint or flowers, can make a world of difference and help your home stand out from the rest," our team advised.

And if you are in need of professional help, Garden of Seeden is ready for you! Their residential services include lawn cutting, lawn healthcare, bed maintenance, walkway and patio spraying, and weed control. They also offer garden installation, decks, patios, driveway repair, paved surfaces, and can assist with custom projects. "We meet a lot of great people in the community," Chris and Laura shared. "Creating a space that families can relax in and enjoy for years always makes us feel good."

If your home is going to leave a lasting impression, why not make it a good one?

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