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A virtual tour is an interactive digital twin of a physical space that can be viewed from a computer or mobile device. In the real estate industry, we use them to showcase layout and movement throughout a property.

“Typically our clients are not quite sure what a virtual tour is or what it looks like,” our team of REALTORS® explained. “Usually an explanation is needed on what a useful tool it is for both buyers and sellers alike.”

Studies have shown that virtual tours in real estate can net an increased number of quality leads and generate more attention to a listing. With The Kesh Group, we offer to produce a virtual tour for our clients as part of our free services because we want that added value of visibility and enhanced visualization for each listing.

To understand how sellers view the virtual tour, we interviewed one of our most recent clients, Nikki. When looking at houses online, Nikki always takes virtual tours if they are available. "I think I always know right away if I'm going to book a showing, but I still always take the tour as well because I'm a visual person," she disclosed. "I want to see the flow of the home."

For sellers, there are tons of benefits to adding a virtual tour to their listing. “A virtual tour is like a permanent open house,” our team elaborated. “The benefit to the seller would be to have only serious buyers booking showings. Once you’ve taken the virtual tour you get a much better ‘feel’ for the house so you can weed out those who are not that serious.”

Another reason we love offering virtual tours to our sellers is that they can be excellent marketing tools. When you list a property for sale, you typically want it to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible so being able to share links across multiple platforms is key.

"So many of my family and friends who saw the virtual tour on social media thought it was cool and wanted to know how you did it," Nikki laughed. "I loved that it was a quick way to showcase the home."

Our team felt the same. "As REALTORS® in today's market, we know that the majority of people research homes online first so we have to make sure we're marketing our listings effectively online too. The guided tours that you can offer with a virtual tour are great for extending that reach. We love using them to create reels and offer that easy walk-through."

Of course, virtual tours are incredibly beneficial for prospective buyers too. A virtual tour “gives the buyer the exact layout of the home and allows them to be certain that they’re interested in seeing it in person,” our team clarified. “Instead of trying to piece together pictures, they can get a clear view via the tour.”

What are some of the best features of the virtual tour? “The floor plan is a super useful tool!” our team expressed. “We love that you can see the floor plan of each floor, each labelled space, and also use the measurement tool to measure rooms.”

For Nikki, the extent of the detail included was impressive. “I didn’t realize how in-depth it could be! I loved the dollhouse view and being able to see it as a whole and rotate it.”

One of the best parts of the virtual tour is that it can be accessed whenever and wherever. Prospective buyers can view the property from the comfort of their own home, from their friend’s house, or from anywhere they have internet access!

This incredible technology helps people feel an instant sense of ownership and allows them to imagine themselves in a space without ever stepping foot inside.

Did you know you can take a house tour from the cozy corner of your favourite coffee shop? Well, now you do!

Visit our For Sale page to take a virtual tour today!

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