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If you're planning a move with kids, then you've probably experienced some amount of stress around the idea of telling them about it, let alone preparing them for it! Kids need time to adjust to major life changes, so it's important to consider when and how you'll tell them they are moving.

For Stephanie, including her 10-year-old and 12-year-old kids right from the beginning was top priority! When searching for the dream home for her family, Stephanie wanted her kids to feel free to ask any questions they had so she could understand how they were processing the changes.

"They were mostly concerned about the layout of their bedrooms and how close of a walk it was to their school," Stephanie clarified.

While they were sad that they wouldn't be living with their aunt and uncle anymore, "they were excited to be closer to their friends."

Understanding what your kids are concerned about or most interested in is incredibly useful in helping them remain positive throughout the process.

Once your kids adjust to the idea of moving, it’s a good idea to include them in the process, which is exactly what Stephanie did. “They enjoyed searching for houses on their iPad,” she said, “and if an email was sent to me about a potential home, I showed them if I was interested in it.” By involving them in the house hunting journey, Stephanie's kids were able to convey what they were hoping for in a house and could start to visualize their lives in their new home.

And while you're focused on the kids, don't forget about your own needs! "I have a great support system in my family that eased my stresses and of course my REALTOR® Natalie was extremely helpful during this process," Stephanie expressed.

As Stephanie and her kids prepare for their big move, they have so much to look forward to. “They are most excited to have a basement set up for a lounge and gaming area to play with each other and their friends,” she explained. Of course, the family cat, Vader, has to be considered! There is the “added bonus of a cat door” that the kids are obviously ecstatic about!

This major milestone is cause for celebration, so with COVID restrictions eased, “close friends and family will be over to have some drinks, food, and enjoy the first night in the home!”

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