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You may have heard that when you are looking to buy a home, it is best to use a "buyer's agent." But how do you trust a total stranger to guide you through one of, if not the biggest, purchase of your life? How are they supposed to look after your needs? Or protect your part of the sale if you hardly know them? The answer is actually quite simple. You and the Sales Representative need to, first and foremost, build rapport.

This was the situation that Jim and Chelsea faced. As first-time home buyers they wanted someone to look after their real estate needs, but struggled with the idea of allowing a stranger to do it. So they decided to interview real estate agents to see if there was any initial connections that could be made.

They asked each interviewee questions regarding their experience, expertise of the area, and general questions about themselves personally. "It was important for us to find a qualified REALTOR®, but I also wanted to be able to connect with them on a personal level," Chelsea explained. "That was really important to us both."

Soon after their search begun, Chelsea met The Kesh Group REALTOR® Natalie Keshavarznia. Both Chelsea and Jim sat down with Natalie and discussed her experience with first-time home buyers, how well she knew the area, and a little bit about her personal life. "I loved that she shared aspects of her life with Jim and I, outside of work," Chelsea confessed. "We were able to connect and start to build a friendship, which we appreciated."

"Natalie was professional, charismatic, remembered our names, and shared her own personal experiences with us which made Chelsea and I feel like we were heard," Jim reiterated. "We could trust that she knew what we were looking for as we started our search for our first home."

"I think what really helped was that Natalie asked open-ended questions to Jim and I to determine exactly what we were looking for, and really dug deeper into the responses we were giving in order to fully understand what our needs, wants, and expectations were," added Chelsea.

"There were some questions that she asked that we hadn't even considered!" Jim laughed. "Chelsea is one of the most organized people I know and I know she did her research in advance, and even she was stumped by some of Natalie's questions!"

"That's true," Chelsea agreed. "I thought I knew everything, but it was so great to have someone on the other side of the experience to really push us to consider all of our options and why certain things were so important to us."

Now that Jim and Chelsea have chosen their REALTOR®, they can trust that this experience will end with the perfect home for them and a newfound connection with Natalie!

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