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"How are we going to sell now?"

That was the thought that kept spinning around inside Lisa's mind as she and her husband considered putting their home up for sale.

Getting ready to sell your home can be an overwhelming experience to begin with, and listing during the ongoing COVID pandemic brings forth an onslaught of new concerns for sellers.

"Our biggest hesitation was how many people would be coming through our house. These days you don't know if someone might be a carrier without knowing it, so the thought of having tons of people in and out of our home wasn't very appealing," Lisa explained.

Despite these concerns, the draw to sell was still tempting.

"For us it was a two-fold decision to sell," Lisa explained. "On the one hand, we simply needed more room, because our three kids are getting older and with us all spending more time at home these days, it made us realize how tight on space we'd gotten. Secondly, the market is really good right now. There's a lot of buyers looking to purchase because the interest rates are so low, so we figured it would be a good time to maybe get a bidding war started for our house."

The couple reached out to The Kesh Group to explore their options.

"We sat down with Natalie and were so impressed with how her team has made the health and safety of both sellers and buyers the top priority."

Natalie explained that The Kesh Group, through virtual tours and exclusive listings, makes every effort to reduce the number of people coming through a home, and ensures the people who do visit are serious about buying.

"Natalie was very reassuring about the policies that the real estate industry has put in place to protect us," Lisa said. "She explained to us that only serious buyers would be allowed to tour our home and that when they did, they'd have to pass a COVID screening, wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and follow the instructions on the posted signage reminding them not to touch anything or use our washrooms. On top of that her electronic lockboxes track everyone in and out for contact tracing purposes and all showings were limited to one at a time with only the agent and a max of two adults. Once we knew all these procedures had been put in place, we felt much more comfortable and confident going ahead with selling."

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