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It all happened so fast, but despite the quick timeline, homeowners Brianne and Dan said this was the most stress-free real estate experience of their lives. As St. Catharines locals who were living in the starter home they purchased in their early 20s, the couple was ready to upgrade their space.

"We bought it almost 11 years ago and this house has been great for us," Brianne started to explain, "but our boys are 9 months and 4 years old now, plus we've got our dog, so we decided we needed a bit more room."

The couple thought about adding an addition or a basement, but after much discussion, decided it was a better option to sell and then buy a larger place where their family could continue to grow.

"I didn't want to live in renovations for eight months with little ones," Brianne chuckled.

The decision to move was bittersweet for the couple as their first home held many precious memories for them.

"My husband proposed to me in this house," Brianne reminisced, "and I told him about both babies while we were standing right there in the kitchen."

Although there is some sadness to leave, it's greatly outweighed by the excitement of what lies ahead. The family is looking forward to not just moving into their new space, but decorating and furnishing it in a way that makes it truly their own.

"We couldn't have done this whole move without Natalie as our agent. She helped us buy the new house and sell this one, but more than that, she calmed us. The first night she came over to meet with us, I actually cried when she left, because I had been a giant stress-ball before and she put all my fears to rest. Natalie never pressured us or rushed us and she very quickly became our friend and family."

In the end, the home sold over asking price and within only 24 hours of hitting the real estate market.

"Within an hour of it going live, we got a call saying that a showing had been booked and by the end of the day 15 groups had come by to take a tour," Brianne laughed. "I could still cry about the price it sold for and how fast it went. Having the sale go that smoothly really took a lot of stress off of our family and it's all because Natalie and her team believed in us and in our home."

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